Avalon, The TallFemWrestler

Let's Wrestle!



– Well experienced athlete all my life
– Seasoned session wrestler
– Legs of steel
– Athletic body: full package
– Open to making your fantasy a reality
– Open to playing out your scenario
– Tough as nails and naturally dominant
 -Competitive by nature
 -Freakin’ strong



Guys. I just had another session with Jen and it was incredible. This woman just gets stronger and stronger as the session goes on. Her legs are hard as marble and her thigh muscles bulge and swell when she’s clamping down on your head. She is far more muscular and strong than when I first wrestled her. You guys need to check this lady out ASAP. You will not regret doing so. A huge fan,

John Hamilton Ryan

Wow , look like a great profil you have TallFemWrestler. I am often in Houston or Dallas for work , I hope I will have ones a fantasy wrestling session with you , I like the scene in the James Bond movie Goldeneye , where the tall 6’0 Famke Janssen scissoring her opponents in her fight , you are the same height and as I can see the same tall strong legs would love to try ones when I will be in Houston or Dallas again that you scissoring me that way .

I have wrestled the TallFemWrestler several times. I have had many sessions but none compare to the energy and enthusiasm that Jenny brings to the mats. Nicer, prettier, taller, and tougher than her pictures! She is proudly ALL NATURAL muscle from years of being a college athlete. She was very good at listening, asking questions, and working with me to make sure the sessions were perfect. At 6 feet tall, she is all legs, her scissors are amazing. Her back muscles are something to see. This is one large and strong female!

Highly recommend! Avalon was awesome! She was so easy to get along with and we both had a blast in a semi-competitive and competitive match up. She is a very strong, tall, beautiful woman. From beginning to end the process went very smooth. Did I mention she is strong? Yeah, she is. But no matter what session your looking for I highly recommend booking with Avalon!

This woman is amazing. She is so strong and her legs are absolutely lethal. Once she gets those rock hard thighs around your head, you’d better be ready to tap. She also grapevined me into submission with ease. I outweighed her by fifty pounds, but this game gal beat me in number of submissions. I just couldn’t believe how strong she was. As the session wore on, I found myself rapidly tiring from being under such a sustained attack. Book this female fatale soon before she gets too popular.






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